Addicted – Camp Mulla (Official Music Video)

Posted: September 17, 2011 in September 2011
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  1. wwambui says:

    proud of you guys. Continue doing it BIG. Am kenyan but live in the USA and I listen 2 you guyz. Go take over the mainstream. Deuces.<3 you guyz

  2. mickymiriti says:

    AIYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! You guys are too moto!! Imway older than you guys but im feeling your style!!! Kwanza K’Cous moto producer!!! Just broaden your subject topic and BOOM!!!

  3. Ghafla!Kenya says:

    Good stuff….I love the lyrics, the video…epic!

  4. i respect your work guyz.u makin kenya proud of its music! I love u ms karun n soon im gonna giv u ma me,its no joke! Keep two five flow goin up

  5. Giovanni says:

    BIG UP MAEN!!!! Do your thing nomatter what haters say!!! INSPIRATION TO ALOT O GYZ IN THE GRID!!!

  6. You guy’z rock kip it kam’n

  7. Lorraine Makanga says:

    Dope. Im addicted. #teamcampmulla#

  8. Kenia says:

    Camp mulla Music is. Blessing my ears right now

  9. Keiran digz says:

    Keep up the gud work camp mula luv ur songz

  10. wakarugi says:

    i listen to your music and am proud to be kenyan!

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