Camp Mulla – ‘Feel No Pain’ Official Music Video

Posted: September 11, 2012 in September 2012
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After much anticipation, the ‘Feel No Pain’ video has finally been released. Thing is, this video was supposed to be released a year back, but was put on hold for undisclosed reasons. All that doesn’t matter any more because its finally here and it is definitely worth the wait.
This video, like every other we’ve done so far, is spectacular seems to be very Colourfully-inspired. The hazy-almost-hangover-induced feel of the camera shots, the hard-partying theme, the venues -not forgetting the beautiful ladies and hot cars-, down to the well known lyrics: this song, though not new, is about to become a hit all over again.

Check out cameos from Dj Chuckee ,Lola Hannigan, Kevin Jaja,  Nick Mutuma, Ian Mugoya and Bryan ‘Vazzi’ .

Shappaman’s suaving his old dreadlocks in this video, so you know it’s a classic.

#FuNKyToWN Album coming out very soon.

  1. Dennis warui says:

    camp mulla u ROCK!!!!

  2. Susan (shiro) says:

    favorite song so far, am a HUGE fun of Camp Mulla, follow me on twitter @GGichura,i would be so happy:)

  3. Joe Prince says:

    what sup camp mulla ya people are the best African group I’ve ever seen keep the good work up i love everything about ya i love the way ya keep fresh all day its all good that’s one of my favorite track and prices ft wizkid hope to see ya in Liberia one”CAMP MULLLA”

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