Camp Mulla (2-5-4Low) is a newly formed entertainment group that strives to lead the local music scene to new heights. It specializes in hip hop , but has recently began branching out into different genres ranging from House/Electro, to R&B.
It is made up of three recording artistes, a producer and manager all under the Sub-Sahara Limited record Label. Although unsigned, Camp Mulla strives to always produce and give out the best in music.





Name: Marcus Kibuksoya

Stage Name: K’ Cous

Position: Head Producer , Song Writer

Age: 20

K Cous is known for his musical expertise; being the groups multi talented producer, he definitely takes a lot of credit for the groups current and upcoming success. The seriousness he puts into his work clearly reflects on to the impressive tracks he has produced.


Name: Benoit Kanema

Stage Name: Shappa Man

Position: Rapper , Song Writer

Age: 18

A Co-Founder & the group’s first rapper, Shappa Man is more than exceptionally talented. With a raspy unique and more than catchy voice, he steals the crown for most entertaining, where his extreme punch lines hit the jackpot. His personality is incorporated into his rhymes, eluding confidence and swag. To say he is lyrically gifted would be an understatement, he has a endowment that not many have – creativity and incredibility. His witty banter puts him at the top of the game, daring anyone to advance.


Name: Mathew Wakhungu

Stage Name: Taio Tripper

Position: Rapper , Song Writer

Age: 18

A Co-Founder & cocky rapper is most famously known for his innovative compositions, claiming to have “the future in his hands” and being “allergic to defeat”. It’s therefore not surprising that he’s the group’s main songwriter. In the studio, he is notorious for putting one hundred and ten percent into his work, and when outside the studio, he’s busy being a top prefect and leader in high school, getting much respect and encouragement from his peers. Furthermore he is a perfectionist in all he does including his song writing and vocal passing.


Name: Karun Mungai

Stage Name: Miss Karun

Position: Lead vocalist , Song Writer

Age: 17

The vocals of Miss Karun are definitely at the level of professionals. She sings effortlessly, radiating confidence and passion for what she does. Music is definitely her forte. Her high vocal range makes her a force to reckon with and her pitch is flawless. Definitely a rising star, and one to keep your eye on.


Name: Michael Mutooni

Stage Name: Mykie Toni

Position: CEO & Hype-Man  

Age: 21

Also known as ‘Tuchi’ , the group looks up to him as their keystone social-media connector. Like a plug, he connects all Camp Mulla’s social networking with the fans. His business savvy attitude enables him to make choices and decisions that better the group and put them in a good market position.