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Camp Mulla all came together for their next photoshoot on the Rooftop of a skyscraper overlooking Nairobi city.

Pictures courtesy of KBoss.

Cameos by First Lady, Ms Karun, Taio Tripper, Yung Kass, SuperProducer – MC ; Marcus K and Tuchi

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Camp Mulla had a live interview with Kiss 100  FM’s host, DNG, on Saturday 29th January 2011.

In the interview DNG raised questions on why Camp Mulla do what they do, what their inspiration is, their goals in this music industry and all that motivates their style.

Video Courtesy of  Harry Olang’ and Edited by Rahim

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Camp Mulla had a chance to be invited to a live interview with Kiss 100  FM’s host, DNG, on Saturday 29th January 2011

In the interview Mr.DNG raised questions on why Camp Mulla do what they do, where their inspiration comes from, their goals in this music industry and what motivates their style.

Pictures Courtesy of  Harry Olang’ …

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Here are some photos of Camp Mulla  at a photoshoot with Harry Olang’  last week in Nairobi.  Photos are of  some of the Camp Mulla Artists and Ground-movers. Props to Harry Olang’.

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It’s safe to say that Camp Mulla, aka 2-5 flow has taken Nairobi by storm.

With a still growing  fanbase in Kenya  and a compilation of  some of the sickest  singles and remixes, Camp Mulla are giving other musicians a run for their money. Even though independent since 2009, the group has been natured under Sub-Sahara records and Ulopa Ngoma, which gives them an even bigger head start. Some say its the theme of real upcoming artists, we just think its moving fast. The fact that artists are young and professional proves their brilliance and potential to expand. Their title on its own screams incredibility, talent and downright swag.

It’s not hard to say whether they’ll survive in this colossal industry we call music – when they step on the scene, competition disarrays. They are the competition. From the lyrically gifted Taio Tripper to the intense vocals of Miss Karun, Camp Mulla is paving the way for the rest of Nairobi’s young stars. They’re an inspiration and an icon to the many striving young musicians all over Kenya.

But what is it that makes their mode so authentic, sensational and without question, superb?

Contrasting from others, their compositions are fresh and bring a whole new meaning and denotation to the word hip-hop. Their lyrics have significance and immeasurable sentiment; practically drawing you in like a magnet and before you know it you’re hooked faster than you can say “2-5 flow”. As cliché as it may be, they’ve taken the best of rap, and combined it with RnB to create magic.

No one can argue that they were born for this Industry; the group even goes on to say they are “Born and Raised” and Indeed, they are ‘’Born and Paid’’.